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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  September 16, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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philadelphia next weekend. >> a good good deed ends tragical tragically. we'll explain why more than 100 people rallied to remember a good samaritan. >> we'll warm into mid-80s above average for this time of year. when it will finally start feeling more like fall. it's 4:30. good morning. welcome back. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. enjoy the summer. we have a week left. right to meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. this is a nice way to end our finlt week of summer with temperatures that make it feel like summer as we head into next week we'll drop back closer to the 70s, closer to average. 49 to start in the poconos, 55 in allentown, 53 in pottstown. a mild start if the you're in philadelphia at 64 degrees, 62 at the atlantic city airport and temperatures in wildwood at 59 degrees. over to the satellite/radar shot
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to show you we're going to see lots of sunshine as we head into the rest of today. similar to what you saw yesterday. a few degrees warmer. by 6:00 a.m. temperatures at 62 degrees, by 9:00 a.m. 69 then we're warming things up quickly. lots of sunshine, temperatures at 81. temperatures today will range between 83 and 87 degrees. sunny and nice. a bit warmer. i am tracking the end to all of this warmer weather, that's coming up in my full forecast when i see you again in about 10 minutes. we want to check in with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> we're watching the area bridges now. we're doing okay for the walt, the ben, the burlington bristol in the process of an opening so watch out for some delays there. for the schuylkill expressway around girard avenue we're doing okay. these are the eastbound lanes. we still have a 12-minute drive time. ongoing construction cleared out of the way.
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you could see some crew and stuff set up in the right-hand shoulder but not anything to worry about. down the shore, bay avenue, watch for an accident with a downed pole and construction only 95, that's been there a while but something to watch for. southbound between girard and washington avenue. when pope francis comes you can be sure your weekend reteen is disrupted. >> which is true if you attend some churches in the city. katy zachry is live in center city to explain. >> reporter: i learned there are about 70 churches in philadelphia affected by road closures and detours during the papal visit. one of those churches is mother bethel ame in the heart of center city. canceling service for them is not an option so church leaders went looking for a space that can accommodate several hundred people. they recognize the papal weekend is a joyous time but they don't want their members to miss out
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on a sunday service. many of those members use major interstates to get to the church. >> 76 cuts the city off. mother bethel will worship in mount airy and lutheran seminary. >> reporter: fortunately for them that seminary is outside the perimeter that's going to be set up during the papal weekend. coming up at 5:30en a update on a rally scheduled for today at city hall where religious leaders were going to protest the road closures and detours being set up. that rally we learned is not happening. i'll explain in the next hour. katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." >> you better brush up on your spanish. pope francis plans to give almost all of his speeches in his native language, only four in english including one in
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philadelphia. the rest will be in spanish. the vatican says the 78-year-old pope finds it easier to express himself in spanish. during his major appearances jumbotrons will caption the speeches in english. >> crews using fork-lifts and cranes worked to set up fencing and a stage for the pope's visit. newly released renderings showed the stage and where the pope will speak at independence hall. for the news that the pope will be speaking mostly in spanish -- >> wow. i don't speak spanish but i'm catholic and will understand. >> i think people will come to see it. it's a moment in history. it's interesting he's only speaking in spanish. >> a temple professor studying people's perceptions of the event in philadelphia tells us he worries some of the pope's speeches delivered in spanish
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won't have as big of an impact. phillies fans will feel the impact at tonight's ball game with the nationals. looking at citizens bank park, ticket holders get a bonus. how about this. fans can pick up this commemorative phillies pope rookie card. the front shows pope francis, the back features his stats. he's got stats. including the pontiff's background and vital statistics. the phillies will be handing out the card at the first base and third base kiosks. i hear he never strikes out. the nbc app for everything you need to know and a list of things you can and can't bring to the events. the app is free to smart phones and tablets. today authorities in new castle county plan to release more information about an arrest in the murder of a recent temple university law school graduate. uppal was shot and killed last
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month. he graduated from temple law school this year. police found his body in his car in a parking lot. they say he lived nearby, they also found a substantial amount of marijuana in the car. a community is mourning a good samaritan killed saving a woman and her baby. more than 100 people held a vigil in rodney square last night they praised thomas. they tell us he stop add man with a knife from attacking a mother and her infant monday night. he and his girlfriend were planning to get married. >> he did what most people wouldn't have the courage to do. he's not here on earth, he is here wisconsin. >> went out as a legend. >> police arrested calvin hooker
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for the the attack. investigators say witnesses helped to catch the suspect before he tried to get away on a bus. >> 4:37. nearly 75 philadelphia police officers will be honored in a ceremony today. the department says all 74 officers have made outstanding arrests while performing highly intelligent and valuable acts of police service. video from a previous ceremony. the acts demonstrate special initiative in the performance of their duty. eight new harley-davidson motorcycles are being presented to the department today. they will replace older cycles currently used by the highway patrol unit. these same motorcycles will be used to escort pope francis next weekend. talk about a bright idea. parts of camden are going solar. >> ahead, solar panels the newest addition to rehabbed homes. find out who it will benefit most. >> going blue. why you'll soon be seeing more
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good morning. temperatures today expected to push into the 80s. of 87 degrees will be our high today. lots of sunshine expected for us. we are still dealing with the dry stretch and then cooler temperatures in store in the seven-day forecast. not to worry. going to feel like fall as fall starts. our current temperature at 64 in philadelphia, 55 in washington township, 61 in wilmington, 53 in pottstown, if the you're waking up with us in coatesville we're at 50, low 50s in oxford. 61 in dover and 55 in woodbine. our bus stop forecast, as you take the kids out to the bus stop getting them ready for school, mild in philadelphia, mid-50s to the north and west,
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if you're closer to the suburb locations we're going to see around 62 degrees, lots of sunshine. no jackets needed later on. probably a light one this morning. by the time we get toward the afternoon our temperatures push to 87 for philadelphia and northeast philly. closer to 84 in wilmington, 83 in pottstown. 85 in allentown and we'll see a high closer to 80 degrees for the poconos. i am tracking an end to all of these temperatures well above average. i'll go over the details on that coming up in my full forecast in about 10 minutes. >> 20 minutes before 5:00. my south jersey commuters, i got charged that extra buck today. yeah. >> let's check the roads. jessica boyington is doing that for us. >> vai and tracy, everybody feels it. we're on the new jersey turnpike right now. right around the northbound side, that drive time still doing okay, route 55 up to the walt whitman bridge we have a
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five-minute drive time. the ben is okay so far, with construction that's we're used to. ta konly palmyra, $4 for cash. we're in the process of an opening now probably closing for the the burlington bristol so watch for delays there. if you are out in banengat township. watch for an accident with a downed pole. this will be here until about 5:00 this morning. 95 northbound ramp to cottman avenue is blocked. when i come back we're going to do a check with mass transit. thousands of people are evacuated as devastating fires continue to burn out west. >> look at these flames here. up next, watch as one evacuee returns. >> and coach in the penalty box. why the leader of a high school football team says his religious freedom is under attack.
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>> a rough night at the ballpark for this baseball employee. find out why he struck out in such a big way after a home run.
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do what we do...make it progresso. a court hearing is happening today in the deadly shooting at a church in charleston, south carolina. authorities have charged 21-year-old dylan rough with killing nine people back in june. he won't be at the hearing but a judge will hear arguments about a gag order in the case. some news organizations are challenging the order which prevents release of 911 calls, witness statements and coroner reports. >> a fire burning in northern california is the largest and most destructive wild fire of the summer. the so-called valley fire has grown to 67,000 acres more than twice the size of san francisco. officials say it's only 15% contained. the fire has destroyed nearly 600 homes and forced at least
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23,000 people to flee. cooler temperatures and light rain have helped the more than 2,000 firefighters on the ground. one evacuee is breathing a sigh of relief after she returned to find her home still standing. this is patty and she was convinced-her house would be lost in the fire along with her precious belongings. she is one of the lucky ones. her house was untouched. >> pope francis will stop in cuba before he comes to the united states. crews are working in cuba to get ready and set up chairs and a stage for the pope's open air mass. pope francis will arrive on saturday, his visit is part of an effort to improve ties between the vatican and cuba after decades of strained relations. less than a week from now the pope will be in the united states. the pope arrives in washington, d.c. next tuesday at 4:00, he will be there for several days
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before he heads to new york and then of course philadelphia. crews worked yesterday in our nation's capital to get ready to welcome the pope. they set up riser platforms outside of the basilica of the national shrine for the the pope's mass next wednesday. you might be able to go to one of the washington events. delaware's two senators are offering a limited number of tickets to watch the live broadcast when pope francis attends a joint meeting of congress september 24th. go to the websites for more information. several other lawmakers from the region are doing the same thing so check with your congressman's office to see if they happen to be offering tickets. authorities in washington state are investigating a high schoolod football coach for praying after games. this is a coach joe kennedy, pictured on his face book page show he is leading post-game prayers for years. the school district bans staff from encouraging or discouraging praying. kennedy was told he would be fired if he continued. that didn't stop him on monday
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night. >> i do believe in this sport, we believe in the football, we believe in this team and competition. it's all about the game. in your name. amen. >> exercising my right, competition is over and i thank god for every one of these young men out here. >> kennedy said he spent 20 years in the marines fighting for freedom of religion and speech. we'll let you know what if any action authorities take in the case. it's 4:48. in cleveland a home run for the indians means fireworks usually. >> last night the visiting team that had the blast. alex rios of the kansas city royals goes deep in cleveland. and instead of getting silenced or boos watch this. he's got a fireworks celebration as he rounded the base. you can't see but everyone in the stadium did. including that's the guy that set off the fireworks. he can't believe what he did. he immediately knew he made the
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mistake. you can see he is absolutely embarrassed. trying to hide under his hat. poor guy. good morning. temperatures today warming back well above average. even warmer than what we saw yesterday. lots of sunshine expected. a dry stretch still in store, then we're going to see cooler temperatures again. but a look outside now for philadelphia temperatures at 64 degrees, a few clouds, our humidity at 72%. across the rest of the region we're at 53 degrees, and pottstown, 59 in bensalem, 55 in mount holly, 49 in the poconos, 55 allentown, 62 closer to the atlantic city airport. and 61 degrees in both dover and wilmington. we're well above average, our afternoon this time of year to
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put in perspective 87, then on thursday, tomorrow, same thing. so high pressure is now right over our area. that's why you are temperatures are bumping up. sunshine today, another dry day. not just for the northeast but all the way back to the midwest. even down south we have a little exception there with the few scattered showers near jacksonville. today we'll see lots of sunshine an area of high pressure has moved over our region. we'll continue to slide off shore as we head into the rest of your work week. then as we get into saturday that's when more humidity is going to move in. by sunday we'll see a cool front, cooler and breezy conditions expected just as we gear up for the eagles game. so your seven-day forecast shows that we will see temperatures staying around 87 degrees today. tomorrow, mid 80s friday and saturday. and then take a look at sunday where temperatures drop down, and we will see cooler conditions moving in. >> it's 10 before 5.
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you're heading out the door check the roads blooding the blue route. >> jessica boyington has that covered for you. >> and vai and tracy on the blue route around ridge pike. we see some vehicles out there but everything is moving along nicely. if you're headed south on the southbound lanes in here, looks dark but northbound and southbound currently no problems. out the door on the p.a. turnpike now, work zones being picked up early this morning so we're not dealing with much. westbound or eastbound. if you are out in new jersey in barn a gat town sthp a towned pole and lane restrictions at bay aext mass transit, we're doing okay. no delays so far for septa, patco or new jersey transit. we'll go over some of the philadelphia majors. >> we'll see you then. happening today, now that school is back in full swing you might want to look at the weight of your child's back pack. today is school back pack
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awareness day. heavy back packs and not worn properly can lead to back pain in your children. some tips, make sure it's padded adjustable straps and pack the heaviest items closest to the back. >> a bike share program is adding 24 stations in philadelphia next year. there's 27 stations across the city right now. according to our partners at the business journal organizers say the new locations will be concentrated on the water front and city parks. the bike share program launched four months ago and we found it will be available during the papal visit. >> don't forget to vote for our high school football game of the week. here are this week's choices. cast your vote to or call or text your vote in, vote
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and text in as much as you want. voting closes tomorrow. we'll announce the winner thursday night on news at 11:00. happening today, much more than a ribbon cutting in camden. it's a new chapter for a charter school and a city. ahead in a live report at 5:00, see how an historic getting a new lease on life. also next. >> i was blown away and i said well, you guys are the reason why i do what i do. >> saying thanks to the brave men and women who serve. next what brought this police officer to tears and how he paid one good deed forward.
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here in vineland, new jersey where progresso light soups are made, we'll never give up our cheddar, our cream, and especially our bacon. so we figured out a way to add rich ingredients like this into 22 light soups, all with 100 calories or less per serving. so if you want to eat light and not give up rich flavor, do what we do...make it progresso. pennsylvania governor tom wolf says he will not sign a stop-gap spending plan that is an alternative to a budget. pennsylvania's budget stalemate has been going on since july. on tuesday governor wolf said he would only sign a stop-gap
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spending plan once he has a general budget agreement with lawmakers. the governor said it would take time. the budget battle is also impacting children in foster care. a child welfare advocacy group filed a lawsuit asking for a court to release money to keep services running for 15,000 kids. the wolf administration says the state can't make county child welfare payments until a budget is approved. today lawmakers for both sides are scheduled to be in court to argue motions to dismiss the case against new jersey's senator bob menendez. his lawyered filed more than a dozen motions to throw out the indictment. on monday his lawyers asked the judge to push back the october 13 trial date. prosecutors have indicated they won't oppose that motion. menendez is accused of accepting gifts and bribes from a florida doctor in exchange for political
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favors. >> east camden is going solar. nbc 10 was there as pse&g volunteers outfitted rehabbed homes with solar panels. once the project is complete the homes will be sold to low income families. solar panels will save the families hundreds on their electricity bills every year. >> we're going to start with ten houses. they are doing six, we'll do four in the spring but we hope at that point we can take this to other people. >> the program also gives local workers training in the rapidly growing solar industry. new apartment building is open on what was once a vacant lot in north philadelphia. the gordon apartments are along west gordon street in the strawberry mansion neighborhood. it's part of the philadelphia housing authority's push to bring affordable housing to this area. this energy efficient apartment complex is the second such building opened by the city in the past 45 days. and city council president clark says he has more projects ready
4:58 am
to go. >> it's again a wonderful day in the neighborhood. i'm not talking about -- >> officials with the philadelphia housing authority hope this project inspires more businesses to invest in the strawberry mansion neighborhood. it was a gift of thanks to a law officer on a special day. >> he decided to pay it forward. a deputy in florida was walking into a drug store on the anniversary of september 11 when two boys handed him an envelope, inside a gift card and note thanking him and saying they will keep him in their prayers. it brought a tear to his eyes and he decided to share his gift. >> next day i went over to the dunkin' donuts, i got a cup of coffee and said this was given to me by a nice family and i wanted to pay that forward. i ended up giving a lady there a cup of coffee and there is still money left on the card and i'm looking forward to continue doing that.
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>> the deputy says the boys' act of kindness is something he will never forget. >> we remember the story of the barista who refused to threat officer use the restroom. this is the opposite. >> you're watching "nbc 10 news." today one of the poorest cities in new jersey will invest in the education of its youth. how a new upgraded charter school aimed at creating opportunities. >> staying connected. how kmunl indications companies are keeping an eye on the wireless system in place for the papal visit. >> a live look outside, 64 degrees right now. a nice day, just getting started but humidity is expected to make a comeback. uh-oh. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. it's 5:00 a.m.
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let's begin with brittney shipp. >> the good news it's going to take a while before the hunlt gets there. so we'll see a dry day with lots of sunshine. temperatures above average. 52 degrees in pottstown, low 50s in allentown. 58 degrees in wilmington. 52 in millville, we're at 54 degrees in mount holly, 62 at the atlantic city airport. 59 currently in wildwood. and our future cast shows us we're going to see sunny condition, warm conditions and on top of that we'll stay dry as we push into the rest of today. heading into thursday and friday and saturday. by sunday we'll start to see things cooling down. locked into a quiet lovy pattern. your bus stop forecast shows temperatures in the mid-60s for philadelphia, new jersey suburbs 62, to the north and west will be a little cooler in the mid-50s so definitely a light jacket for the kids before they head out the door. by the afternoon you won't need it. we'll see temperatures between


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